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Do It For Daniel

Date Posted: 28th January 2024

Daniel : Newry teen receives second stem cell transplant
‘We’re just delighted and relieved to get this far. He is the bravest 16-year-old we know’

Daniel who suffers from leukaemia received a second stem cell transplant on Wednesday afternoon (January 31).

Daniel Greer (16) was flown over to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on January 16, where he has been an inpatient for a number of weeks.

Up to this point, he’d been having tests to check if he was strong enough to undergo the stem cell transplant.

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As always, the Abbey community is behind Daniel and his family. An inspiration to us all 🙏

Hello from the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where Daniel has been an inpatient for most of the past two weeks. He was flown over on the 16th and since then he’s been having lots and lots of tests to check if he is strong enough to undergo his second stem cell transplant for #leukaemia. It’s been a tough, tough few days for all the family – some of the hardest of the past 20 months.

But Daniel is determined to take this chance at life, knowing that there are no other safer options left. His Mum and Dad are so proud of the fight he is putting up, and his will to survive, even though cancer is continually knocking the stuffing out of him.

A visit from his big brother James this week really helped to lift his spirits. It also brings Daniel a lot of comfort to know he is in the prayers of so many of our family, friends and supporters who have been following his cancer battle and willing him on to beat it.

We will really need your prayers again this week – thank you!. 🙏❤ #leukemiawarrior #stemcellregister

Do It For Daniel

Hi folks. You are probably wishing it wasn’t back-to-school week but we are actually wishing it was….

Our Daniel had been doing very well over the summer but he had some hospital tests last week and unfortunately the results showed he has suffered a relapse.

In short it means he needs more chemo, starting in the Royal in Belfast on Monday. So we have another battle ahead of us, but as always he is up for the fight.

We’ll keep you updated on his progress, thanks again for all your support and good wishes. 💪❤


More good news from Do It For Daniel #DIFD! 😁

Having undergone a full year of some pretty challenging treatment, our Daniel had a scan last week and we were surprised and delighted to be told there are no longer any traces of active cancer in his body.

🙌 It means he doesn’t need any more chemo for now, so hopefully he can enjoy his summer without so many trips back and forward to hospital. We’ll still have plenty of check-ups just to keep an eye on him, but needless to say, we’re over the moon at his progress!

Daniel’s recovery was only possible because he was lucky enough to get a #stemcelltransplant from an anonymous donor in Germany.

❤ Now we just need to find a match for eight-year-old Bobby Browne from Bessbrook, who was diagnosed with #leukaemia a few days before Daniel last summer.

Stem cell/bone marrow donation really works – it worked for us. Please help make it work for Bobby too by taking a quick cheek swab test:…/virtua…/find-a-match-for-bobby
🙏 #findamatchforbobby #leukemiawarrior


The most fantastic news. Welcome home, Daniel. Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄

“He said it’s the best Christmas present he’s ever had” 😁🎄

Almost two months to the day after his lifesaving #stemcelltransplant, our Daniel was well enough to fly home from Bristol today with his family, just in time for Christmas! 🥳. We can hardly believe this day has come!

There is still some way to go yet with his treatment, but after so many months spent in hospitals, you can just imagine there is no place like home!

Thank you to everyone who helped get our favourite 15-year-old to this stage of his recovery – the nurses, the doctors, friends, family, fundraisers, swab testers and last but not least our wonderful German stem cell donor, without whom none of this would be possible. We hope she has a very merry Christmas! Danke, danke, danke 🙏❤️

Please spread the word about the importance of joining stem cell and bone marrow registers – and help make Christmas wishes come true for other families who are battling childhood cancer. 💪🌟



🎶Have Yourself A Merry Luttle Christmas🎶

Thankfully our very own #doitfordaniel, Daniel Greer is on the other side of his #stemcelltransplant journey and is so far making a good recovery. 🙏

One of Daniel’s last trips out before he was diagnosed with #leukemia in the summer was to a concert at Newry City Hall to watch his teenage cousin Emily Flanagan Sings performing with The Choir Studio.

To celebrate, Emily has recorded this beautiful song for Daniel. ☺️ She’s also hoping to raise some money for Angel Wishes, the Northern Ireland charity that has given so much support to Daniel and his mum and dad over the past few weeks.

Please take a moment to listen and if you can, please support the charity.
Thank you.

😁 What a difference a donor makes! 😁
As you may know, our Daniel underwent a #stemcelltransplant in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children on 21st October as part of life-saving treatment for a blood cancer known as acute myeloid leukemia (AML). He then spent 49 nights in an isolation ward as doctors waited for the new cells to take effect. It’s been tough few weeks – a lot of pain and sickness for a 15-year-old kid to handle.
But yesterday, Daniel left the hospital as he was deemed fit and well enough to be discharged into outpatient care! 🥳 Of course, Daniel and his family will still have to stay in Bristol for some weeks yet as this is by no means the end of his hospital visits. But being allowed to live outside the hospital in between outpatient treatments is a hugely positive step, and a massive relief for his exhausted family.
We’re delighted to share this news will all the individuals, charities, companies, sports teams and media organisations who so kindly helped Daniel in his successful search for a match. 🤩
We’re especially thinking about our anonymous donor right now, because #happydays like this are only possible thanks to one kind stranger’s selfless act. Please sign up to a #bonemarrow register today wherever you are in the world, because there are plenty more patients like Daniel who still need your help.🙏 #DoItForDaniel
#dkms #anthonynolan #WMDA
Do It For Daniel Update – October 22 
The big smile says it all! 😃
We’re delighted to announce that our Daniel has safely received his stem cell transplant! 🥳🤩
The procedure took place in Bristol Children’s Hospital on Friday afternoon and it took exactly one hour to complete.
He was feeling great afterwards and even managed to pose for this photo with his nurse. We’re very relieved that it’s all gone smoothly so far and very grateful to the wonderful staff in the ward for looking after him so well. While the road to recovery is going to be a long one, hopefully this is the start of Daniel’s journey back to full health.
We’re so glad to share this happy news with all our followers who have supported the #DoItForDaniel campaign. The future for our favourite 15 year old now looks bright again. But this hope is only possible due to the kindness of a complete stranger who signed up to the bone marrow/stem cell register and then agreed to donate when they got the call to say they were Daniel’s match.
Please continue to spread the word about the #bonemarrow register and tell your friends what a difference it can make to #bloodcancer patients like Daniel. And please keep him in your prayers that everything keeps going in the right direction, so we can get him back home as soon as it is safe to do so! 🙏

🔴⚫️🟡The most fantastic news for us to hear and to share with our community. #DoItForDaniel 🙏
We have some brilliant news that at last we can now share – a suitable donor has been found for our Daniel! 🥳
This amazing person came forward several weeks ago but as you can imagine, there are lots and lots of laboratory checks that have to be carried out before doctors can be sure they are the best possible match.
We had got our hopes up before but this time, fingers crossed, it’s all systems go. Daniel should be heading to Bristol next week to be prepped for what we hope will be a life-saving transplant. 🙏🙏
We know there is still a long, risky road ahead and Daniel may have to get a lot sicker before he gets better. He will have to spend several months in isolation with only his mum and dad allow to visit. But finding the right donor has at least given him a fighting chance against #leukaemia.
We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us on this rollercoaster journey so far…
– all those who helped us fundraise for blood cancer and bone marrow charities
– all those who organised and attended #DoItForDaniel events
– all those who trained up to recruit new bone marrow donors
– all those who donated, printed and distributed our campaign posters, banners and flyers
– and the THOUSANDS of people who signed up as bone marrow/stem cell donors in response to Daniel’s story
We have so many individuals, charities and local businesses to thank, we can’t do it all in one post but we’ll be doing a few very well-deserved shout-outs this week before the family heads to Bristol.
Finally, we are acutely aware that although our Daniel has been very lucky, there are many other patients who are still waiting anxiously for the right donor to step forward.
Please keep telling everyone you know about the importance of signing up to bone marrow registers. Just like our incredible kind-hearted donor, your blood really has the potential to save a life! 💕hear and to share with our community. #DoItForDaniel 🙏
❤️🖤One of our own, Daniel Greer, has been diagnosed with leukaemia.
He needs your help now.
Daniel needs a stem cell donor and you could be a match. It only takes 2 minutes to register and have a swab kit sent out to you.The swab sample takes 5 minutes to do #DoItForDaniel




Please read his brother James’ post and consider registering to help Daniel and the many others who are in need of your help. #DoItForDaniel 🙏
My little brother is one in 10 million but he URGENTLY needs your help!
Just over two weeks ago, our family got a terrible shock when my 14-year-old brother Daniel was diagnosed with leukaemia. Daniel has AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) meaning it has spread rapidly and aggressively. He is in hospital and has just completed 10 back-to-back days of very intensive chemotherapy, sometimes having to take four doses in a single day.
During this time, he has needed three units of blood and two platelet transfusions (shown below and circled in the photo below). If you know our Daniel, and most of you do, you’ll know he never backs down or gives up easily! He is battling through it like the little fighter he has always been and we are hopeful that we have caught it early, but this is where we need YOUR help.
In the coming weeks, Daniel should have a bone marrow sample test result back which will tell doctors if the best approach is to continue with more chemo or if he needs a bone marrow transplant to help fight it.
The problem? The chances of getting a bone marrow match is 1 in 10 MILLION!! Please, please, PLEASE take the time to go to the link below or go online to the DKMS website to register as a donor. It can take up to 8 weeks from registering to actually be placed on the register, so we need you to register NOW!
It only takes 2 minutes to register and have a swab kit sent out to you. The swab sample only takes 5 minutes to do and below I’ve created a video to show how simple it is, (with the actual sample taking method shown at 2 mins 50 secs in the video).
YOU could be the match that Daniel needs! YOU could make the difference!! YOU could be the match that someone on the other side of the world is currently praying for, waiting and hoping that YOU are out there and willing to save their life.
Essentially you could save someone’s life in less than 10 minutes, and without even leaving the house! So what are you waiting for? All I ask is that you take 2 minutes to register as bone marrow donor or a blood donor. You may never get called upon but you could possibly save up to 7 people’s lives! You could make the difference!! Please, do it for Daniel!!
Link for DKMS registration:
Link for NI Blood Transfusion Service:
Link for those living in the Republic of Ireland:
Click to access the login or register cheese