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Environmental Technology

The GCE in Environmental Technology teaches about technologies that can be used to replace fossil fuels as an energy source and a raw material in manufacturing.

There are significant opportunities for employment in areas such as engineering, project management, and scientific research. Global companies such as Statoil and GoldmanSachs are investing heavily in renewable technologies. Those with knowledge of these areas are likely to be sought after in the job market.

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Dr M Carey

Curriculum Information


The subject has a written exam at the end of AS and A2. Coursework is completed at AS and A2 which accounts for 50% of the final mark. Environmental Technology is recognised as a science A-level by UU and QUB and by the NUI universities. To study the subject a knowledge of GCSE physics and chemistry is useful but not necessary. Students who have demonstrated a good work ethic will be welcome.

Departmental Staff

Dr M Carey
Mr D Patton
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