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Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the revised curriculum is being actively followed, pupils  become more active learners by participating in group work and presenting their work to the class through multimedia presentations. A variety of active learning strategies are implemented to help pupils improve on their thinking skills and problem solving. Pupils  also assessing their own work along with the work of others and evaluating what they have learnt throughout the unit taught.


Through studying this unitised specification, students:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and how they affect our changing world;
  • begin to appreciate the importance of the location of places and environments, from local to global;
  • develop geographical skills and learn how to use appropriate technologies;
  • begin to appreciate the differences and similarities between people’s views of the world, its environments, societies and cultures;
    consider how they can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive environment;
  • understand the significance of values and attitudes to the development and resolution of issues;
  • develop and apply their learning to the real world through fieldwork and other learning outside the classroom; and
  • have opportunities to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical thinkers with enquiring minds.
  • This specification prepares students for the study of geography at a more advanced level, for example courses in Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Geography, or Advanced Vocational Certificate in Education in Travel and Tourism.


Through studying our GCE Geography specification, students will learn about:

  • geographical concepts and processes;
  • interactions between people and their environment;
  • the challenges of sustainability; and
  • the importance of attitudes and values
  • Students become aware of the important relationships between societies, economies, cultures and environments. They will also have the opportunity to relate what they have studied to the world around them.

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