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Counselling Service

A caring relationship between teacher, particularly Form Teacher and pupil in which needs are sensitively recognised, will often be sufficient to resolve a pupil’s difficulties. Where there is emotional or behavioural disturbance of a more serious nature, early detection will allow counselling to take priority over complaint and punishment.

In counselling, a pupil who may have independently sought help from a Counsellor or who may have been guided in this direction by a teacher, will find support of a special kind. The Counsellor will provide for the student an opportunity to work through his difficulties with someone who will be non-judgemental, caring and understanding.

The Counsellor will listen actively to the student, developing a warm relationship based on sincerity and mutual respect.

Confidentiality forms the cornerstone of the Counsellor’s work. The student must be convinced of the safety of the counselling relationship to enable him to tell his story without the fear of disciplinary repercussions or unnecessary parental involvement. To assist this, the Counsellor will not be associated with the discipline structure.

The Counsellor will be aware of the occasional need to step outside confidentiality and will carefully discern when to do so.


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